AI Tools for Professionals

Easy to Use, Hard to Forget

Experto AI strives to provide the highest quality AI tools dedicated to making professionals even better at what they excel in 

LAIA - Legal AI Assistant

Expertolink presents your Legal AI Assistant (LAIA).

LAIA is trained on a vast amount of caselaw and jurisprudence from common law jurisdictions across the world, case briefs and memoranda, and on the legal reasoning process.

Our team is comprised of Lawyers and AI experts dedicated to providing tools that match your professional excellence and cut down on draining tasks to save your indispensable human expertise for where it is truly needed. 

LAIA works at your pace and is designed with ease of use and accuracy as a priority. 

MAIA - Medical AI Assistant

Expertolink presents your Medical AI Assistant (MAIA).

MAIA provides healthcare professionals with detailed answers, references and analysis at the pace of their practices.

MAIA is trained on multi-national standards and codes, as well as professional ethics, pharmaceutical data, and nutrition data.