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LAIA (Legal AI Assistant) Web Extension

LAIA (Legal AI Assistant) Memo Machine

Experto presents the LAIA Memo Machine, the ultimate tool for lawyers to draft memoranda and apply the vast power of AI to answer legal questions from the user’s researched cases and the legislation.

LAIA Memo Machine integrates with Expertolink products to provide you with a seamless experience that feels intuitive and powerful.

While the LAIA Memo Machine does not provide legal advice, it is able to answer legal questions accurately and precisely, and will analyze case law and the legislation to give you a properly reasoned, full detail memorandum of law.


Revolutionize your practice with LAIA Memo Machine

Experto Witness

Experto Witness a professional smart directory that can help Lawyers find Expert Witnesses and allows Experts to create/update their profile page. Both Lawyers and expert witnesses connect and manage their tasks calendar facilitating clear communication and expectations on both sides. Experto Witness is beneficial for all parties involved in the legal process, making finding and working with expert witnesses more efficient and streamlined than ever before.

Experto Per Curium Professional Legal Dictionary

Experto Per Curium Professional Legal Dictionary is designed for practicing legal professionals and for use in litigation. Per Curium utilizes the powerful LAIA artificial intelligence core to analyze and organize definitions as they have occurred throughout various sources of law.


Per Curium prioritizes binding and persuasive definitions used in reliable legal precedents and legislation. 


Search for legal terminology, filter your results by jurisdictions, courts, legislation, set a date range for the results, and more. 


Per Curium is a tool designed for professionals, by professionals.


Newsie LAIA by Experto

Newsie LAIA brings you critical updates fresh from the Courts to your email!


Bi-Weekly updates customized to your professional needs. No matter how niche or broad your field, Newsie LAIA is the go-to tool to stay informed and sharp in your expertise. Choose which courts and jurisdictions you would like to keep up to date with. 


Stay at the top of your field with Newsie LAIA by Experto 


Expertolink products are intended for use by professionals in their field for professional purposes. 

Expertolink products should not be ever construed, nor do they purport to, provide any legal or medical advice whatsoever. 

Due diligence must always be taken in verifying the accuracy of any results.

Expertolink products do not substitute any professional opinion. For any legal or medical needs please consult a legal or medical professional respectively.